Land of San Pio

The history of San Pio and the vocation of San Giovanni Rotondo

Gran Paradiso Hotel Spa is located right next to the beautiful Church of Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo.

The incredible story of Padre Pio has fascinated thousands and thousands of people over the years who come here every year from all over the world to see and touch the sacred places that have served as the backdrop for the most important episodes in the life of the Saint.

Padre Pio only moved to San Giovanni Rotondo in 1916, two years before the miraculous gift of the stigmata. After being accused of being an impostor by the Holy Office in 1922, Padre Pio was unable to perform his duties as a priest until he was imprisoned in 1931. Only two years later was he able to return to celebrate mass and confess the faithful.

In 1940 Padre Pio's cell inspired the idea of founding a hospital, which we now know as the "Casa di Sollievo della Sofferenza", or the House for the Relief of Suffering.
Gran Paradiso Hotel Spa is a few steps from these sites, every year it proudly hosts all the pilgrims who come to learn about the history of the Saint, those who come for reasons related to personal treatments or that of friends and relatives treated at the hospital.

The Hotel has become a focal point for anyone who wants to experience a serene holiday and immerse themselves in this mystical moment in their peaceful lives.

Padre Pio died on September 23rd at 2.30 a.m. in 1968. His body was displayed to the crowd for 4 days before being taken to the crypt where it still rests in peace today.

Since then, the flow of pilgrims wishing to visit the body of the Saint began to be more and more numerous and steady, making San Giovanni Rotondo a popular religious tourist destination par excellence that is distinguished by its own particular golden age.

The New Church Sanctuary: just as Padre Pio wished it

Gran Paradiso Hotel Spa is located a few steps from the Church built in honor of Padre Pio in accordance with the design of the great Renzo Piano.

Together with the famous architect, many artisans came to San Giovanni Rotondo to brighten up the design with their creative genius, which is why this church has become a symbol of the loving and harmonious collaboration of excellent minds.
Despite the fact that there were many different professionals involved in the work, the project always had one and the same purpose: to offer the faithful and all interested visitors a large, spacious church that could accommodate everyone ... just as Padre Pio wished, who used to compare a Small Church to a box of matches.

At the Gran Paradiso, we have the honour of being able to work just a few minutes away from this masterpiece that reminds us every day of the history and model of our brother, the Blessed Padre Pio of Pietrelcina.

The House of Relief of Suffering and other sites

The Saint himself, who considered this work to be the fruit of Divine Providence,
which had guided man’s hand, commissioned the hospital.

Convent of the Friars Minor Capuchin

It is here that Padre Pio had been living since his arrival. We can consider the Convent as his true home. Before dying, the Friar blessed the Crypt, which would then host him for eternity.

Monumento a Padre Pio di Pericle Fazzini

4 Bronze Scenes depicting some of the most important moments in the life of the Saint, the work culminates with the figure of Padre Pio raising the Ostensory. It is one of the most important memorials dedicated to him.

Cenacle of St. Clare

Managed by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart, this site was designed by the engineer Carlo Terzaghi and his wife Clara and was intended for the performance of spiritual rites, which are attended by reservation. The aim is to encourage the spiritual growth of people based on religious and secular programs.

San Giovanni Rotondo

Much more than a simple mountain village, San Giovanni Rotondo is one of the largest towns in the area. The growth in construction over the last few decades has been truly incredible and has allowed this city to become the hub for religious and secular tourism in the area.

The old town is on the right, while all the sacred places of Padre Pio and therefore the stops of the tourist itinerary are on the left side of the town.

San Giovanni Rotondo is very popular as it is located in a convenient setting, close to places of worship and not far from the coast, where you can go to discover the stunning views that overlook the sea and the places where nature is untouched.


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