Weddings in San Giovanni Rotondo

A place for dreams where nothing is left to chance

Situated in a panoramic position and close to all the most famous sacred sites of the area, the receptions at Gran Paradiso Hotel Spa provide for a dream venue to celebrate your wedding within the legendary setting of San Giovanni Rotondo.

Selecting a location is one of the most important elements in ensuring that your wedding is truly unforgettable. The location is what the guests and the couple will never forget and that is why nothing should be left to chance.
A wedding day is full of magic, joy and great expectations and we want to be the framework that further amplifies this magic.

Charming and spacious areas both indoors and outdoors, all furnished with class and elegance, with customized banquets, a wonderful Suite for the bride and groom, a botanical garden with flowers and perfumed plants...
...we have everything needed to make your special day become unforgettable

White Wedding Salon

This modern and elegant salon has been designed to offer the bride and groom a Total White ambiance, where they can choose among a range of colours and designs to suit the style of their wedding, or keep it white and pure, bringing the guests into an ethereal atmosphere.

The large, transparent windows of the Salon offer the chance to view the outside at all times and to feel at one with the external areas.

The White Wedding Salon is large yet at the same time designed to provide intimacy to make all guests feel embraced in a sense of joy and happiness.

Wedding Park, the Botanical Garden

Created by the famous landscape architect Giorgio Skoff, the botanical garden has been renamed the Wedding Park, because it was created to host weddings and to exceed all expectations so as to offer the bride and groom something they cannot find anywhere else!
The Garden traces the stages of each event as it was created to carry the guests through a sequence of "sites" each one featuring its own unique vegetation.

The Welcoming Garden

A secret garden, hidden from prying eyes by a tall hedge of holm oak and a wooden door.

Refreshing anticipation

A relaxation area beneath the magnolias where you can wait for the bride and groom to arrive, surrounded by laurels.

The meadow of silk flowers

A wide-open space with shaded areas under the large albias and magnolias, a laurel screen separates it from the children's play area.

The walk through the poplars

This zone is notable for the presence of 11 specimens of Populus nigra var. Italica. Which provide the screen to create new spaces for relaxation.

Pool of roses

Here, when choosing the vegetation, attention was paid to the respect of the privacy of the visitors of the pool but also to the external noise pollution.

Temple Gardens

These gardens correspond to two small spaces on the right and left of a large structure that recalls the classical forms of a temple with columns, therefore the natural reference to a vegetation with strong sacred values.

Oak terraces

This terrace, the first of three, is distinguished by the presence of a grove of oaks of the species quercus ilex - known as holm oak, typical of the Mediterranean area.


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Why choose Gran Paradiso Hotel
for your wedding:

  • Wedding Suite with King-size Bed
  • Unrestricted access to the SPA
  • Free exciting Couples ritual
  • Free trial lunch for intending spouses
  • Cozy rooms for relatives and friends
  • Reserved location
  • Rite celebration at the nearby San Pio Church
  • Civil rite celebration at the botanical garden
  • Exclusive and customized services included
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